Inspired by a blend of Vedic Philosophy and Buddhist Medicine, the resort focuses on complete wellbeing of an individual, drawing on the knowledge and holistic lifestyle of the Himalayan region. It is a story of nurturing harmony within the spirit, body and mind. Wellbeing is an ongoing voyage of self-discovery. Each element of the resort has been designed to enhance this journey within, by addressing each of the five senses. Various experiences have been created in the resort to guide you through your personal journey.

Under the guidance of our in-house Ayurvedic doctor and naturopathy expert, meditation, yoga and astrology masters, Hindu priest and visiting monk, you will be able to find an atmosphere of complete harmony, renewal and growth.

Himalayan Rock Salt House

Himalayan Rock Salt is the purest form of salt on earth. Containing more than 80 important minerals, its nutritional and healing properties are well documented and known around the world. We have created the ultimate Himalayan Salt Room which is made of 22 tons of Himalayan rock salt crystals. Himalayan rock salt treatment is also known to strengthen the immune system, cure skin allergies, enhance the tone of the skin and release negative energies from the body. Inhaling the air within the salt room is extremely beneficial for the respiratory system, in particular for those suffering from asthma or hay fever.

Himalayan Rock Crystal Chamber

The beauty and strength of crystals have been recognized since the dawn of civilization. They are not only known for their splendor but for their healing and spiritual influence as well. Healers and priests alike have long used crystals for their unique and special properties. It is widely believed crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans, such that the resonance between the stone and the human combats the vibration of illness or amplifies that of health. The crystal is also recognized for its aura cleansing properties. Our aura is like a magnet, picking up vibrational energies that are all around us. It is important to cleanse our aura, freeing it of foreign vibrations and negative energies; in the lack of which we may experience stress, fragmentation and loss of luminosity.

Himalayan Rock Crystal is also one of the best crystals for meditation as it can be set according to our meditative intention. It brings clarity of the mind and helps in concentration. It also amplifies the energy of any other crystal, making it ideal to have during meditation.

Navagraha Batika

According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, the position of the nine planets (Nava Graha) deeply affects our lives; influencing our health, emotions and the level of success and hardship we face. The Garden of the Nine Planets has captured the vibrant cosmic energies of the planets with a combination of trees, bushes and grass species, which are specific to each planet. Each terrace in the garden is dedicated to a planet. Spending some time strolling in the garden can help balance any imbalances caused by your grahas. Additionally, for a better understanding of your grahas, a consultation with our astrological master can also be arranged upon request.

Meditation Maze

Surrounded by eighty four (84) Shiva Lingas, the cosmic pillar that represents the infinite nature of Lord Shiva, the meditation maze is a synergy of spiritual strength. It is best experienced early morning, right after sunrise. The maze is carpeted with dubo or thatch grass known for its positive energies and significance in Nepali ceremonies. We recommend walking barefoot in the maze, so you can feel the fresh grass floor within. You can absorb the early morning dew; when the healing energies of the earth are transmitted to one’s body, leaving the individual feeling revived and fresh. Meditating beside the maze in the mornings can help deepen your power of concentration, strengthen the heart and lungs, help relax the body and counter mental fatigue.

Chakra Sound Chambers

One of the central aspects of yogic philosophy and Buddhist medicine, the Chakras are centers of energy, responsible for distributing energy around the body. The balance of the Chakras can be maintained through the use of color, light, sound positive energy and crystals, each of which has been integrated into the Chakra Sound Therapy Chamber. Each of our chambers is dedicated to one of the seven Chakras present in the human body. With optional guidance, you can work to rebalance the Chakras, allowing energy to flow smoothly throughout the body, stimulating the positivity and power within.

Ping (Swing) Area

Situated at the highest point of the property, the Ping (Swing) area is perfect for gazing at nature, taking in the Himalayas or sitting back and enjoying the peace and calm. It’s a wonderful place to take in the breathtaking sunrise or unwind with picturesque sunset and become mesmerized by the stunning backdrop that surrounds you.

Body Treatments

The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa offers treatments inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, Buddhist medicine and uses rare medicinal herbs of the Himalayas. Aiming to address every Kosha, the therapies and massages have been designed to relax the senses and revive the body. Set in lush woodland, several spa suites have been designed for individuals and couples to enjoy the treatments in omplete privacy and comfort.

Visit our in-house Ayurvedic doctor for a complimentary 30 minutes consultation and enjoy learning the ancient secrets of Vedic philosophies. Our doctor will introduce you to our Ayurvedic therapies designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul; thus enriching your lives through the traditional teaching of Ayurveda. Our doctor will guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and a radiant state of well-being through a personalized dietary suggestion, yoga, bodywork and detoxification.