Our actions and activities influence our health, happiness and wellbeing. This cycle of cause and effect is known in Himalayan philosophy as Karma. Just as food nurtures the physical body, the lifestyle at the resort includes a range of activities that works as food for the mind and intellect. They address and enhance the Koshas (the sheath covering our soul) allowing you to explore the connectedness between nature, body, mind and spirit.  


The great sages of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy originally travelled to the Himalayas to meditate and to find the means of achieving a world without disease and discontent. Practiced in the Himalayas over thousands of years, meditation is a technique that can lead to a state of inner peace and harmony. Surrounded by the natural elements, the resort provides a peaceful setting in which to try the art of meditation. Guided sessions take place every day; nonetheless you can also try it for yourself in the sound chambers, the meditation maze, meditation cave, meditation hall or any other tranquil spot of your choice. The techniques you learn here will stay with you long after you leave and incorporating them into your daily life will help you maintain the tranquility you experienced in the resort.


Yoga is both a physical and mental exercise. Hatha Yoga, offered in the resort, is a gentle form of exercise incorporating the Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation that encourages a deeper awareness of our way of breathing and of our body, leading to improved posture, blood flow and inner balance. Under the guidance of our yoga master, several yoga sessions are conducted every day. Begin your mornings with Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), which will leave you feeling light and refreshed for the day ahead, and end your day with the Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) or Yoga Nindra, for complete relaxation and deep sleep. Yoga can be practiced in the Yoga hall, barefoot meadow, nine fold path open yoga area along with various other open yoga areas in the resort. With scheduled and private sessions available throughout the day, there is definitely something for everyone in the Dwarika’s Resort.


Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath: the life force that both energizes and relaxes the body. The term is derived from the Sanskrit words, prana, meaning "life force," and ayama, meaning "extension". Together, these combined practices become a cosmic energy called pranayama. Breath is the vehicle of life. The power and effectiveness with which we breathe directly affects our emotional, mental and physical state of being. Pranayama is a vital component of Yoga that affects the proper functioning of the body. The controlled breathing in pranayama enables both the rhythm of performing yoga poses and relaxing the mind for meditation, making it an integral part of yoga. Regular practice of pranayama is beneficial for the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and endocrine system. Pranayama can me practiced in our pranayama hall along with various other open spaces within the resort.

Pottery Class

A specialty of the surrounding area of Bhaktapur and Thimi, pottery is both a functional art form and a therapeutic activity. Spending time playing with earth connects you further to the soil, allowing you to feel the synergy between your mind and the universe as the clay begins to take shape. Pottery connects us with our earth element just like the act of gardening. Hence, pottery is performed as one of the activity to cleanse the five element, namely to cleanse the earth element. During your stay at the resort you can visit our Pottery center here and try your hand at this healing and enjoyable craft, under the guidance of our in-house master.

Art and Painting Session

Whether or not you think of yourself as a natural artist, trying a session at the Painting Atelier can help you soothe your senses. Experiment with water colors, acrylics or with simple pencil and paper. Let your imagination run free and fill your paper with colors. Even if you’re hesitant to create something from scratch, we have plenty of mandalas and chakra images to color or to be inspired by, this is also meditative. Additionally, our in-house art master is happy to assist you with the materials and provide personal guidance if need be.

Cooking Class

As the outermost sheath in the five layers of existence, the Annamaya Kosha represents the physical body, which is nurtured through food. While in the resort learn to nurture and nourish your body through a cooking class at Chef Pramod’s Kitchen near the Pottery room. Make the most of our chef’s personal attention and learn tips that can be incorporated into your daily life. Before the class itself, you can take a refreshing walk to our farm in Darimbot, about one and a half hour’s hike from the resort, where you can pick a selection of fresh vegetables or herbs to add to your cooking experience.

Hiking and Nature Walks

As the resort itself in set on the hills of Dhulikhel, the area within its compound presents various opportunities for gentle hiking and exploring the beauty and splendor of the Himalayan foothills. Spread across an impressive area of 25 acres, the resort offers ample space for nature exploration. The resort is also home to one of our 6 Eco-Organic farms, the Newland farm. Discover all the paths within the resort and the trails in the farm that houses a rich diversity of plants and boasts a rich plantation of various vegetables, fruits and herbs. Our farm supervisor is more than happy to share his expert knowledge about the farm with you. Likewise, if bird and butterfly watching is your type of activity then the resort is the perfect place for you to be in, as the resort is home to flora and fauna indigenous to the Himalayan region.


Immerse yourself in the knowledge and sounds of the Himalayas. Our library has an extensive collection of books and documentaries on holistic lifestyle, Vedic philosophy, Buddhist medicine, spiritual wellbeing and health. You can also enjoy a selection of CDs from the comfort of your suite.

“Ananta”, Infinity Pool

Nestled amongst the trees with unobstructed views of the Himalayas is our stunning infinity pool, Ananta, an oasis of peace and calm. It’s the perfect place to escape, unwind or just take a swim. Soak in the mist above the clouds while admiring the mighty mountains and the deep valley below. It’s sure to be one of your favorite spot to relax.

“Brahmanda”, Indoor Pool

Located next to the view point, Brahmanda, our indoor swimming pool is the newest addition to our property. Perfect for any weather, guests now have the opportunity to swim any time of the year. After an active day trekking or exploring around Dhulikhel, it’s a great way to unwind or just give your soul a rest. The interiors of the pool has been specially designed to incorporate the universe, hence its name Brahmanda.