With the belief in the need for maintaining harmony between the body, mind, spirit and the planet for a peaceful, healthy and balanced life; the Dwarika’s Resort is built on the philosophy of respecting nature and self. The resort takes its inspiration from ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures (Vedas), Buddhist medicine and traditional Himalayan knowledge.

The Himalayan belt has been home to holistic healing and wellbeing for more than three thousand years. The region’s approach to wellbeing, its serene natural beauty and rare medicinal herbs has attracted great sages through time. The Hindu Vedic scriptures describe Ayurveda, the science of life, as a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that encompasses the study of biology, spirituality, psychology, astronomy, nutrition and beauty. Originating from the same roots the Buddhist approaches to wellbeing also follows similar path and views health as harmony between the mind, body, spirit and one’s environment.

The resort has been designed based on the knowledge of these ancient understanding about holistic wellbeing with all the spaces being consecrated and brought to life. The lifestyle spaces within the resort are designed to attract positive energy and keep negative energy at bay. When you go around the resort you can find details we have placed in various spaces to ensure the energy within the resort is as positive as possible. For example, the resort is surrounded by Cactus (Ketuki), which is believed to cleanse the space around it of all the negative energy and attract positive energy instead. Hence, adding to the calm and nurturing environment offered within the resort. The resort also offers various activities within these spaces to enhance and add value to our guests’ experience.

The resort draws heavily from the key elements of the vedas. This includes the concept of Pancha Kosha. Pancha Kosha refers to the five aspects of being. According to this concept, the soul is enveloped in five layers or sheaths, each of which represents different layers of being: Annamaya (physical), Pranamaya (air), Manomaya (mind), Vigyanmaya (intellect) and Anandamaya (bliss). Adding to the influence of the vedas on the resort, our spa has been named after the concept of Pancha Kosha and our spa services align to the concept as well. 

The Chakras, seven energy centers in our body, are another vital part of our approach to health and happiness. Adding to this, we should ensure that our bodies receive all the nourishments it requires. These elements come together in the yogic lifestyle and focuses on breath, energy systems within the body and attainment of greater physical, intellectual and spiritual vitality. 

Traditional Himalayan knowledge recognizes that our overall wellbeing is affected by more than just our physical self. It acknowledges the role of the conscious and subconscious mind on the overall wellbeing of the physical self. Likewise, the Himalayan knowledge identifies energies as a factor that affects our wellbeing. According to this belief our physical self is affected by energies from our actions and objects around us. Hence, we have carefully selected materials and meticulously designed the resort according to the principles of energy and astronomy in order to maximize the positive energy that can be felt at the resort. 

Respecting the nature and all its bounty is central to our philosophy. Following this we have built the resort primarily using natural materials such as stone, wood and earth. The traditional method of construction, using lime with brick dust, has also been incorporated. In terms of the interior spaces, natural fibers and colors have been used along with environment friendly paints. The custom made bathroom fittings for the resort have been made without the use of chemicals. The resort also incorporates other environmentally responsible systems such as water re-harvesting, grey water treatment, solar lighting and recycling of food and other waste. 

The resort offers something different for each person. We hope that regardless of what you are seeking, your stay with us will help you achieve a greater sense of peace within. Our aim is to inspire and to offer the opportunities for you to explore your physical and inner self, to explore nature, and to revive yourself at a pace and in a way that is comfortable for you. Immerse yourself in the resort’s lifestyle and all that it offers. Lounge in your outdoor living room and take in the surroundings. Your experience at the resort can help you heal and re-discover yourself or it can be a luxurious and relaxing getaway.


At The Dwarika’s Group of Hotels and Resorts, our ethos is about giving back; to our guests, to Nepal and the planet – a philosophy that informs all that we do. We hold at our core a deep respect for the cultural and natural heritage of Nepal. Our actions are always directed towards the restoration, conservation, preservation and revival of the architectural, cultural, social and natural heritage of Nepal. In line with these central principles, we constantly endeavor to nurture both people and planet, and to maximize the positive impact that we have on our surroundings and community. As such, with the aim to fulfill our responsibility towards the Mother Nature and promote sustainability, the Dwarika’s Group is moving firmly towards an organic lifestyle of zero-waste. Further, by using design, artifacts and promoting local skills that are inherently Nepali, we seek to revive crafts and cultural knowledge that are indigenous to Nepal, while strengthening one of the country’s most vital economic sectors.

Mission Statement of The Dwarika’s Group :

"We Make a Difference"

  • To our People: through care, respect and dignity.
  • To Society: through preserving, reviving and celebrating Nepal’s architectural, cultural and natural heritage.
  • To Nature: through encouraging natural, indigenous and organic agricultural methods and preserving the environment
  • To the Economy: through supporting and promoting local industries, and by putting Nepal on the map as a luxury tourist destination.

DWARIKA’S means to us:

  • Dedication in what we do
  • Willingness to serve, deliver and care
  • Anticipate needs
  • Responsible to our commitments
  • Ingenious in all we do
  • Karma is worship
  • Aspire to excel
  • Sincerity to oneself and to others