Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food – Hippocrates. Food has healing and restorative power. Nourishment with the right type of food is central to maintaining a balanced body and mind. Staying true to natural ingredients, each meal served at the Dwarika’s is thoughtfully prepared. Our food is pure and honest. True and dedicated to Dwarika's food principle - Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Less Travelled, the Dwarika’s Resort offers an authentic experience of natural and wholesome food. With six farms set in different parts of Nepal, our ingredients are sourced locally from our own Eco-Organic farms. Our meals are prepared maintaining the nutritional integrity of the original food; bringing nourishing, unadulterated and flavoursome cuisine directly from our farms to your table.

Our meals incorporate key principles of Ayurveda and Buddhist cuisine that takes into consideration, not just the taste but also the suitability of the body type. A meal at the Dwarika’s celebrates the original elements of the food, as much as it nurtures your body, mind and soul. Sense the simplicity and force of nature anew, especially on your plate.

Nature’s Flavours Restaurant

Celebrating the abundance that nature has bestowed upon us, the Nature’s Flavours Restaurant provides a range of culinary experiences from the Himalayan region and beyond. Using the ingredients that are sourced from our own organic farms, meals here are fresh, nutritious and full of native flavour.

Mako’s Zen Restaurant

Based on the diet originally followed by Zen monks in training, Mako’s Zen restaurant offers Japanese Zen Buddhist cuisine. Playing with the five tastes (hot, sour, sweet, bitter and salty) as they are combined with the five colors (red, white, black, green and yellow) and five ways of cooking (raw, boiling, roasting, steaming and frying), meals here satisfies one’s appetite in a disciplined and nutritious way. Offering creative vegetarian Japanese cuisine that is light on sodium and other flavorings, a meal at Mako’s Zen is a feast for the senses and easy on the body.

Ananta Poolside Restaurant

Set beside the infinity pool, close to the highest viewing point; the striking floor-to-ceiling glass paneled restaurant looks out onto the Himalayan mountain range. Offering a range of flavours from Nepal along with popular international cuisines, this is the restaurant to visit for a delightful treat.

Gol Lokdham Lounge & Bar

Hindu mythology states that heaven is the place where the gods reside. Gol Lokdham is a perfect realm above and beyond heaven, where time stands still. Situated at the highest viewpoint and surrounded by glass walls with 360-degree view, it is the perfect place to take in the picturesque view of the Himalayas and valleys below with a cup or a glass of beverage of your choice while letting the material world roll away beneath you. Let the mesmerizing view of the sunrise illuminating the sparkling snowcapped mountains take your breath away. Likewise, the lounge is especially alluring during the late afternoons and early evenings as the sunsets over the Himalayas and the lush green valleys below.

Fusion Lounge and Bar

As the weather may get chilly in the hills of Dhulikhel, seek solace in the cozy Fusion Lounge & Bar that is warm and toasty with flickering flames. Built with heavy stone, the lounge is cool in summer, while the roaring fireplace makes it a warm and inviting space during winter. Open throughout late afternoons and evenings for drinks and light snacks the bar makes a welcoming area to relax.

Khet-Bari Lounge & Deck

Perfect for farm lunches, our Keth-Bari Lounge & Deck brings forth an intimate atmosphere for our guests to learn about what goes in their meals. They are encouraged to walk around the farm within the resort to pick the produce of their choice. Our chefs then create great culinary delights that are pure, unadulterated, natural and authentic, using these produces. This allows our guests to enjoy the rustic life in the farm, showcasing the country way of living and increasing their appreciation for a simple life, while nurturing their mind and soul.



To spend an evening at Krishnarpan, the Nepali speciality restaurant at Dwarika's, is to take a culinary journey through the fascinating terrains and cuisines of Nepal. Serving the finest Nepali of Nepali flavours, Krishnarpan is a slow dining experience reminiscent of the ritual feasts enjoyed by the Kathmandu Valley's Newari community.

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