Ananta Package

Celebrate your anniversary in a divinely mystical way and let the universe bear  witness to your everlasting love and promise! Surrounded by majestic Himalayan peaks and lush landscapes, find yourselves in a perfect ambience to rekindle the flame of your love. As you immerse yourself in this sacred setting, let the centuries-old customs surround you and infuse your vows with the essence of togetherness. The Dwarika's Resort offers the perfect backdrop for renewing your vows, where love blossoms in harmony with nature's wonders. From the intricately decorated ceremonial space to the sumptuous celebratory feast, every detail will be tailored to your desires. Seize this opportunity to express gratitude, love and reaffirm your commitment to one another. Acknowledge the highs and lows, the laughter and tears while cherishing the journey you've experienced as a couple.   


Purify your body with this intensive Cleansing Package focused on helping you cleanse impurities from the body and improve circulation. Enhanced with

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Escape into a world of peace and tranquility and rediscover yourself through the Revitalization Package.Addressing the Pancha Kosha from sole to soul,

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Explore the art and architecture of the medieval centres of Kathmandu, and experience the luxury of staying in an award-winning ‘living museum’.

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