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Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa

The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa draws inspiration from ancient Ayurveda, Buddhist medicine and traditional Himalayan knowledge. Situated amid the lush green with a view of the snow-dusted Himalayan peaks, the Pancha Kosha Spa nurtures holistic spa therapies.

Under the guidance of our ayurvedic doctors and naturopathy expert, meditation, yoga and astrology masters, Hindu priest and visiting monk, embark on a journey of traditional wellbeing. Options range from classic Ayurvedic massages to the signature Pancha Kosha Newari Treatment, which uses local herbs and different massage techniques to realign the body. A blend of Buddhist and Vedic medicine focuses on complete wellbeing of the individual. It is a story from the Himalayas of nurturing harmony within the spirit, the body and the mind. It gives the insight to our Atman the form of self-awareness that enhances our psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Each aspect is deliberately designed to address the Pancha Kosha- the 5 layers of being. Anamaya Kosha (the vital or food component), Pranamaya Kosha (the energy or life force component), Manomaya Kosha (the mental or psychological concept) Vigyanmaya Kosha (the intellectual component) and the fifth aspect Anandamaya kosha (the pure bliss and happiness component) Our treatment relaxes and rejuvenates the body while allowing energy to flow smoothly through it. It endeavors to address the consciousness and soothe the five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. It intends to balance the mind and deepen relaxation, while helping the body to reestablish its natural balance. Thus, any treatment at the Pancha Kosha Spa is a journey into oneself.

Pancha Kosha Rejuvenating Therapies

Ancient Massage

Experience a yoga-inspired ancient massage that integrates active massage techniques with passive yogic stretches to leave you feeling rejuvenated. The active technique balances the inner energy by activating the pressure points along the energy lines and the passive yogic stretches calms the mind. Feel the bliss within, through this massage inspired by ancient yogic wisdom.

Ayurvedic Massage

Let your ‘prana’ (energy) flow free while you enjoy this relaxing full-body oil massage as it activates your ‘marma’ points (vital energy points). Indulge in this relaxing massage as our traditional Ayurvedic herbal oils help boost your body’s natural healing process.

Himalayan Trekkers Massage

Witness the power of our therapeutic blend of essential oils and unique massage techniques. Enjoy a combination of deep pressure massage and stretching that alleviates stiff muscles and joint pains while boosting blood circulation. Extremely beneficial after a refreshing trek or a tiring physical exertion.

Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the healing synergy of touch and smell with your hand-picked essential oil as we incorporate various massage techniques. Invoke your inner peace and enjoy the magical healing effects of aromatherapy.

Traditional Foot Massage

This treatment based on the massages given to elders in Nepali homes, or to those who have travelled a long way. Working down from the calf to the foot, special focus is given to the pressure points, ensuring that the effects of this short treatment are felt deeply. A simple yet effective treatment to revive the legs and feet in a short duration. For a longer treatment focused on the feet, Pada Abhyanga or the Himalayan Foot Rituals are recommended.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Revitalizing therapy that comprises a head, neck and shoulder massage followed by face massage. It relieves tension in the neck and shoulders and also uplifts the texture of the face.

Rejuvenating Back Massage

Spine is the main supporting pillar of the human body. Achieve the higher state of physical and mental relaxation by the various massage techniques addressing your whole back from cervical to sacral region. Relaxing and beneficial for mild cervical and low back pain.

Pancha Kosha Ayurvedic Therapies


This unique head massage is derived from Ayurveda, the ancient science of life. Invigorating and moisturizing the scalp, it promotes hair growth, restores the natural smoothness of the hair fibers and reduces dandruff. The treatment can also be effective for cranial nerve disorders. The oil therapy helps relieve stress from the head, neck and shoulders, while the head massage induces a state of calm and promotes higher levels of concentration. Various ‘marma’ points (vital energy points) are carefully activated de-stressing the whole body and leaving you feeling elated.


A stimulating and soothing massage of the legs, feet and ankles. Feet being the seat of meridians, marma points and nerve endings, they are the key to the healing of the entire body. The feet are also linked to eyesight, and thus foot therapy can be beneficial for vision. This deeply relaxing treatment uses warm herbal oil to massage the feet and the lower limbs to restore energy within the body and rebalance body, mind and spirit.


Originating from the combination of the Sanskrit words ‘shiro’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning flow, Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice performed in Asian region for centuries. Indulge in a gentle head massage followed by pouring of warm medicated oil over the forehead that gently reaches the scalp and hairs. Perfect to calm the nerves, harmonize ‘vata’ constitution and purify the mind; allow your senses to feel the higher state of meditation and relaxation. Shirodhara is highly recommended for anyone suffering from sleeping disorders.


This invigorating and revitalizing treatment draws on the rich body of knowledge called Ayurveda. The treatment begins with a soothing herbal body scrub mixed with oil. This is followed by an energetic and intensive massage, using powder made with skin-rejuvenating herbs, and then oiling of the body. This is a deeply penetrating treatment of the muscles, tendons and hypodermic fat layer, encouraging the reduction of cellulite. Due to its cleansing, nourishing and firming aspects, Udvartana improves the state of the skin and leaves it shining and rejuvenated. As a whole, the treatment will leave you feeling toned, soft and refreshed.


Revitalize your ‘prana’ (life-force) entering the body through the breath taken from the nose by cleansing the nasal passage. Nasya therapy helps to correct the disorders of ‘prana’, which can affect the higher cerebral, sensory and motor functions. Gentle massaging of the ‘marma’ (vital energy points) around sinus areas removes the toxins through the nasal passage. This is especially beneficial for anyone suffering from regular headaches, sinus problems or common cold.


A time-honored intensive treatment highly recommended for relieving fatigue of the upper or lower back. Kati-Vasti involves the application of dough rings made from gram flour onto the spot of pain or discomfort. Warm oil is poured into the rings, allowing it to permeate the trouble-spot. The deep fomentation of the oil radiates through the muscles, releasing tension and stiffness. This treatment alleviates low backache and spinal disorders. It helps to increase blood circulation, strengthen the muscles and connective tissues, and lubricates the joints to keep them flexible and pain free. 


A similar process to Kati-Vasti, but focused on the knees. Janu-Vasti treatment strengthens the muscles and connective tissues linked to the knees and can reduce knee pain. Useful for anyone suffering knee sprain, arthritis or degenerative diseases of the knee.


A similar process to Kati-Vasti, but focused on the cervical (neck) region. It is beneficial for anyone facing conditions related to cervical spondylosis, tension neck syndrome and neck pain.


During this luxurious facial treatment, a customized herbal paste is massaged onto the face. This personalized face-pack contains different rejuvenating herbs that exfoliate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and clear. The effect of oil massage relaxes the body and mind, and improves elasticity of the skin. The treatment also tones the skin and helps to avoid pigmentation and discoloration. Can be helpful in treating sunburn-related conditions.

Pancha Kosha Body Care

Hot Stone Therapy

The healing touch of stones and BUDDHIST MANTRAS of Himalayan Hot Stone therapy creates a natural balance in the body. The healing power of stones is derived from the holy river in Nepal starting from the lap of Himalaya flowing to the Terai belt. This deeply warming and soothing therapy can be used therapeutically or purely for relaxation. The heat from the stones deeply penetrates the muscular structures and releases tensions and toxins and sedates the body system. The Buddhist Mantras engraved in the body brings positive energy in the body. These Mantras are engraved differently for different energy points in the body. The heating system brings natural balance, reduces pain and relaxes the body. This unique hot stone therapy uses sacred stones that come from the holy Kali Gandaki River in Nepal. The hot stones are placed over specific marma points which releases vital energy from these points, thereby promotes the healing. Feel and experience the energy sacred Himalayan stones. 

Reflexology Foot Massage

The goal of reflexology is to trigger homeostasis, a state of equilibrium or balance in the body. Relaxation is the first stage of normalization. When the body is relaxed healing is possible.

Aroma Therapy Facial

Provides holistic benefits essential for radiant healthy skin. This cleansing and relaxing facial is created to suit your skin’s rebalancing needs by using.

Invigorating Steam Bath

Steam baths have a long history in Vedic literatures. This treatment is believed to de-stress, detoxify and rejuvenate the body along with alleviating various health conditions, in particular skin, muscular and neurological disorders.

Pancha Kosha Combinations

Body Harmony

Relax and revive with this harmonious combination: A one hour and 15 minutes massage (choose from Ancient, Himalayan Trekkers, Ayurvedic Massage) and a revitalizing steam bath.


An invigorating body massage of 75 minutes duration for a true mind and body revival followed by replenishing bath soak with the unique combination of bath salt and essential oil to ease muscle strain and renew energy.


An aromatherapy full body massage ideal for soothing nervous tension and relieving stress. Concludes with a milky bath that will leaves your skin radiant and moisturized.

Wellness Journey*

Begin your wellness journey with an aromatherapy massage to cleanse the body and boost the immune system. The journey is continued through a steam bath infused with different aromas to stimulate and detoxify the circulatory system and release toxins. Complete your wellness journey with a personalized aromatherapy facial customized for your skin type, for release and revival.

Himalayan Foot Rituals

Discover tranquility and relaxation with our specially designed Himalayan foot rituals. Treatment includes foot bath and scrub, foot and leg massage.

Pancha Kosha Signature Therapies

Pancha Kosha Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy

Experience the healing properties of the singing bowl, an ancient practice unique to the Himalayan region. Singing bowl therapy is believed to be able to remove negative energies, greatly reduce stress and bring our internal organs into proper harmony. This therapy is also effective in activating and balancing the chakras, which, according to Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, are the energy centers of the body. Magnetic resonance imaging (commonly known in modern science as MRI) shows that the organs of the human body each vibrate at specific frequencies when healthy, and disturbed frequencies when sick. The singing bowl is renowned to have the ability to bring these frequencies into balance and thus to restore health.

Singing bowls are today used worldwide by health and wellbeing professionals including oncologists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and others. It is used to aid meditation and also for music, both within and outside of spiritual and religious practices. 

Pancha Kosha Signature Facial

Based on an exclusive combination of natural plant extracts and herbal ingredients from the Himalayan region, this signature facial cleans and exfoliates, uncovers the natural glow of the skin.

Pancha Kosha Newari Massage Therapy

Using age-old Newari techniques, this special signature massage is based on traditional strokes and some movements, with firm pressure and particular emphasis on muscles, bones and joints to relax and revitalize. Using sesame or mustard oil infused traditional herbs such as ajwain seed; fenugreek and camphor are chosen to target each part of the body. This rejuvenating therapy includes an ear massage that helps to restore balance and clear blockages. This special treatment mainly helps to relax the body, increase the suppleness of the joints, and to soften and moisturize the skin.


Glowing Herbal Powder Therapy Inspired by the rich Newari traditions, this unique Himalayan herbal powder therapy is a treatment to savor. Drawing from the skin treatment traditionally given to Newari girls during their Gufa (Coming of Age) ritual, this therapy begins with a gentle whole-body massage using oil infused with indigenous herbs. Next, a powder made from rejuvenating Himalayan herbs is sprinkled over the body, which is followed by a mild pressure massage that aids lymphatic drainage. An invigorating steam bath after the massage helps to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Following this our herbal face pack brings charm and glow on your face. Conclude your Kwon Jyajo (Glowing Herbal Powder Therapy*) by the application of herbal body lotion with a gentle massage. Indulge in Pancha Kosha’s Signature Therapy, Kwon Jyajo, as it relaxes, cleanses and revitalizes your body, skin and mind, leaving you glowing from inside out.

The treatment includes:

  • Whole body massage with herbal body scrub
  • Steam bath
  • Dry/lotion massage
  • Himalayan herbal facial