Immunity Boosting Package

Combing the knowledge of the Vedas, Buddhist medicine and indigenous Himalayan knowledge of wellbeing; the Immunity Boosting Package focuses on building your immunity and strengthening your body & mind. This package helps you master the key breathing techniques in Pranayama to strengthen your respiratory system, learn vital Asanas to build up your physical strength, relish in nourishing meals designed to build yourimmunity, indulge in revitalizing signature treatments and enjoy unique energizing activities for a holistic experience.


Escape into a world of peace and tranquility and rediscover yourself through the Revitalization Package.Addressing the Pancha Kosha from sole to soul,

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Purify your body with this intensive Cleansing Package focused on helping you cleanse impurities from the body and improve circulation. Enhanced with

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Escape into a world of nature and romance through our Pranaayati Package at Dwarika’s Resort, Dhulikhel. The package is

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