At The Dwarika’s Group of Hotels and Resorts, our ethos is about giving back; both to our guests, and to Nepal – a philosophy that informs all that we do. We hold at our core a deep respect for the cultural and natural heritage of Nepal. In line with these central principles, we constantly endeavour to nurture both people and planet, and to maximise the positive impact that we have on our surroundings. As such, The Dwarika’s Group is moving firmly towards an organic lifestyle that is zero-waste. Further, by using design, artefacts and skills that are inherently Nepali, we seek to revive crafts and cultural knowledge that are indigenous to Nepal, while strengthening one of the country’s most vital economic sectors.

Mission Statement of The Dwarika’s Group [click to read all]

  • "We Make a Difference"
  • To our People: through care, respect and dignity.
  • To Society: through preserving, reviving and celebrating Nepal’s architectural, cultural and natural heritage.
  • To Nature: through encouraging natural, indigenous and organic agricultural methods and preserving the environment
  • To the Economy: through supporting and promoting local industries, and by putting Nepal on the map as a luxury tourist destination.