At The Dwarika’s Resort, we believe in the need for maintaining harmony between body, mind, spirit and earth in order to enjoy a peaceful, healthy and balanced life. Drawing on ancient Hindu scriptures, Buddhist medicine and traditional Himalayan knowledge, the resort is founded on a philosophy of respecting nature and the self.

A Himalayan approach to wellbeing. The Himalayan belt has been the home of holistic healing and wellbeing for around three thousand years, when great sages were drawn by this region’s serene natural beauty and rare medicinal herbs. The early Hindu Vedic scriptures describe the science of life (Ayurveda) – a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that encompasses biology, spirituality, psychology, astronomy, nutrition and beauty. Buddhist approaches, which developed later from these same roots, follows a similar approach that views health as harmony between mind, body, spirit and one’s environment.

We draw on key elements from this rich body of knowledge, including the concept of the Pancha Kosha, after which the Spa at the resort has been named. This pancha kosha refers to the five aspects of being. According to this belief system, the soul is enveloped in five layers or sheaths, each of which represents different layers of being: Annamaya (physical), Pranamaya (air), Manomaya (mind), Vigyanmaya (intellect) and Anandamaya (bliss). (For more information on the Pancha Kosha, click here.)

The Chakras, which are the body’s seven energy centres, also play an important role in our approach to health and happiness, as does ensuring that we nourish our bodies These elements come together in the yogic lifestyle, which focuses on breath, energy systems within the body, and attainment of greater physical, intellectual and spiritual vitality.

Addressing the conscious and subconscious mind. Recognising that wellbeing is linked to more than just the physical self, Himalayan belief systems acknowledge the role of the conscious and subconscious mind. In line with the view that we are affected by energies from actions and the objects around us, throughout the resort we have selected our materials and design carefully according to principles of energy and astrology, in order to maximise the positive energy that can be felt at the resort.

Respecting nature and all its bounty is a central part of our philosophy and approach. We have built the resort primarily using natural materials such as stone, wood, earth, and traditional building method of lime with brick dust. In interior spaces, natural fibres and colours have been used, and we have used paints that are less harmful to the environment. Bathroom fittings were specifically produced for Dwarika’s, and were made without the use of chemicals. The resort also incorporates other environmental systems, including water re-harvesting, grey water treatment, solar lighting and recycling of food and other waste.

Offering something different for each person. Our hope is that no matter what you are seeking, after a stay at the retreat, you will depart with a greater sense of peace. Our aim is to inspire and to offer the opportunities for you to explore your physical body and your inner self, to explore nature, and to revive yourself at a pace and in a way that is right for you.

During your stay you may wish to immerse yourself in the resort’s lifestyle and all that it offers, or to lounge in your outdoor living room and take in the surroundings – the experience is for you to choose. The resort can therefore be an experience of healing and discovery, or a luxurious and relaxing hideaway.