Our actions and activities influence our health, happiness and wellbeing. This cycle of cause and effect is known in Himalayan philosophy as Karma. The lifestyle at the resort includes a range of activities that address and enhance the Koshas, allowing you to explore the connectedness between nature, body, mind and spirit.


A speciality of the surrounding area, pottery is both a functional art form and a therapeutic activity. Spending time playing with earth connects you further to the soil, allowing you to feel the synergy between your mind and the universe as the clay begins to take shape. Pottery at the resort can be enjoyed under the guidance of a local artisan.


The great sages of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy originally travelled to the Himalayas to meditate and to find the means of achieving a world without disease and discontent. Practiced in the Himalayas over thousands of years, meditation is a technique that can lead to a state of inner quiet and harmony. Surrounded by the natural elements, you will find at the resort a peaceful setting in which to try the art of meditation. Guided sessions will take place every day, or you can try it for yourself – in the sound chambers, the meditation maze or any other tranquil spot.


Yoga is both a physical and mental exercise. IHatha Yoga, a gentle form of exercise incorporating the Asanas (postures), Pranayam (breath) and meditation, encourages a deeper awareness of the breath and of the body, leading to improved posture, blood flow and inner balance.

Under the guidance of the yoga master, several yoga sessions will take place every day. Begin the morning with Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), leaving you feeling light and refreshed for the day ahead, and end with the Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) or Yoga Nindra, to encourage complete relaxation and deep sleep. With scheduled and private sessions available throughout the day, there is something for everyone.


Whether or not you think of yourself as a natural artist, try a session at the Painting Atelier. Experiment with water colours, acrylics or with simple pencil and paper. If you're hesitant to create something from scratch, there are plenty of mandalas and chakra images to colour or to be inspired by. A fun activity that which will revive your creativity, with optional guidance.


As the outermost sheath in the five layers of existence, the Annamaya Kosha represents the physical body, which is addressed through food. Learn to nurture and nourish your body during a cookery class at Chef Promod’s Kitchen near the Pottery room. Enjoy his personal attention and learn tips that can be incorporated into your daily life.

Before the class itself, you may wish to take a walk to our farm in Darimbot, one to one and a half hour’s hike from the resort. Here you can pick fresh vegetables or herbs to add to your cookery experience.


A place where you can immerse yourself in the knowledge and sounds of the Himalayas. The library has an extensive collection of books and documentaries on holistic lifestyle, Vedic philosophy, Buddhist medicine, spiritual wellbeing and health. We also offer a selection of CDs to be enjoyed in the comfort of your suite.

Hiking and Nature Walks

The surrounding area presents various opportunities for gentle hiking and for exploring the beauty and rural life of the Himalayan foothills. There are a number of trails and forest glades to discover, including a community forest that is home to a rich diversity of plants, including rhododendron, chrysanthemums, orchids and medicinal herbs. Bird and butterfly watching is a rewarding activity, as the resort is home to rare flora and fauna indigenous to the Himalayan region.

Gol Lok Dham Lounge

According to Hindu mythology, heaven is where the gods reside. Gol Lok is a perfect realm above and beyond heaven, where time stands still. Situated at the viewpoint and surrounded by glass walls, this lounge is the perfect place to take in the view of the Himalayas and valleys below with a cup of tea, letting the material world roll away beneath you.