To maintain a balanced body and mind, we need to be nourished with the right type and the right amount of food. Meals are therefore a key aspect of the resort, and one of its highlights. Each meal is thoughtfully prepared remaining true to the natural ingredients, each with their own flavours, textures and aromas. We use fresh, seasonal and local produce, primarily sourced from our own organic farms, or from other local farmers. Meals complement the treatments and philosophy of the resort, leading you gently towards an enriching lifestyle.


Celebrating the abundance that nature has bestowed upon us, the Nature’s Flavors Restaurant provides a range of culinary experiences from the Himalayan region and beyond. Using many ingredients that are sourced from our own organic farms, meals are fresh, nutritious and full of flavour.


Zen Buddhist cuisine is based on the diet that was originally followed by monks in training. The five tastes (hot, sour, sweet, bitter and salty) are combined with the five colours (red, white, black, green, yellow), and five ways of cooking (fresh, boiling, roasting, steaming and frying) to satisfy one’s appetite in a disciplined and nutritious way. Creatively offering vegetarian Japanese cuisine that is light on sodium and other flavourings, a meal at Mako’s Zen is a feast for the senses and easy on the body.


Set beside the infinity pool close to the top of the hillside, the striking wood and glass-panelled restaurant looks out onto the Himalayan mountain range. Offering a range of flavours from Nepal along with popular world cuisines, this is also the restaurant to visit for a sweet treat.


With interiors made up of stone and heavy wood, this is a cosy space in which to relax in the evenings. Sitting by the fire on a chilly winter’s evening can be a perfect way to end a day of activity in the nearby hills.


Get a taste of rural village life in Nepal by visiting one of our organic farms, located just an hour’s walk from the resort. Explore the terraced fields with our small team of farmers, pick some vegetables and herbs for your next meal, or even try lunch cooked in the rustic farmhouse. The farm can also be visited by car.